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  • Administrative cases (GRT, INSS, FGTS) – The office offers a service of defense and participation on administrative cases, regressive lawsuits, and investigative or preparatory procedures.
  • Audit– Evaluates the internal system of controls for the labor and people management areas, identifying potential risks to be mitigated. Conducts surveys of “hidden liabilities”, done through an examination of documents in the Labor, Medical Labor, Union and Human Resources areas. Performs periodic and programmed audits on administrative routines, to detect causes for liabilities, targets for assessment of surveillance and causes for labor suits.
  • Center for Settlements – This specific service meets the need to reduce labor suits, and to diminish the value of liabilities, by analyzing the gain and loss possibilities on a particular lawsuit.
  • Compliance – The office offers assessment services to the compliance area in the company, and offer legal assistance to companies willing to create a compliance area, by establishing a code of conduct to be followed by collaborators, assurance the completion of the requirements from law 12.846/13 (Anti Corruption and Bribe Law).
  • Executive Advising – The office has great expertise on legal assistance to executives in a commanding position in national and multinational companies, in regards to complex legal matters, such as negotiation and signing of work contract, protection against liability for company actions and/or accusations of misconduct, contract termination and discretionary rights, assuring the executive that his personal assets will be protected against eventual civil, labor, social security, tax, environmental, consumerist or criminal liabilities. Such assistance is offered to executive on the executive board or who act in management positions.
  • Labor litigations – Following of labor suits, both individual and collective, filed by employees or Unions against our clients, writing of defense pieces, going to Court, preparing evidences, producing documents, appeals and responses to appeals on all sorts of labor suits. Our center for settlements analyzes situations where settlements are possible, and negotiates them.
  • Management Reports – We offer supporting contingencies on bilingual management reports, as well as assistance on strategies for reducing labor liabilities.
  • Oral Arguments – Law Office Moraes Bueno de Aguiar e Advogados Associados team is specialized in performing on Appealing Courts, following lawsuits in all major Appealing Courts, as well as producing all necessary documents, and presenting oral arguments to Brazil´s Supreme Labor Court.
  • Preemptive Labor Consultancy – It comprises the analysis and participation on lawsuits and their causes, with recommendations on preemptive actions, from the legal perspective, in areas such as hiring of third parties. Our labor Preemptive services are rendered by experienced professionals, with knowledge of litigation, offering preemptive orientation for the safe application of the Law.
  • Union and Labor Relations – We offer assistance on union relations, taking an active role on negotiations, from the initial phases up to the celebration of agreements, dealing with all types of matters, such as timebanks, plans for strike contingencies, participation on company profits, etc.


  • With expertise in Social Security Law, the office litigates regarding judicial and administrative lawsuits with the objective of conceding or revising all sorts of Social Security benefits.


  • The office also follows cases regarding individuals in the Civil Law area, specializing in Family Law, Business Law, Consumer Law, Contracts, Obligations, and Liabilities, working on litigation (judicial and extrajudicial), consultation and preemptive assessments.